The publication A Prior Magazine developed — initially as A-Prior — in 1999 out of the Brussels based artists’ collective “Etablissement d’en Face”. From the outset, it has been the magazine’s aim to emphasize close collaboration with artists and authors and to create unique moments and documents, so as to bring forward the depth and breadth of artistic practice, rather than publishing short reviews or brief descriptive articles. The publication has continued to expand its focus internationally, even if attention for ‘local’ artists (living and working in the Low Countries) always remains part of its focus.


It may be said that any issue of A Prior involves intense collaboration and somehow practically engages with the idea. One thing that distinguishes A Prior Magazine from other publications is the team’s interest in defining content, not at an arm’s length distance from the artists featured (a ‘critical distance’ that has perhaps traditionally been thought of as a requirement of good journalism), but in close collaboration with these artists. Developing artists’ projects entails a degree of give-and-take, often requiring the editorial team to give up the pages to the artist, but also encouraging artists’ treatment of the magazine as a true work/exhibition space. Essays are also often understood as an extension of intense dialogue and further generate a sense of ‘critical proximity’. Essays are the product of extensive research and/or daring speculation and tend to result in texts that are too unusual or simply too long to gain voice in the mainstream.

A PRIOR MAGAZINE is a series of publications on contemporary art. The magazine is published by vzw Mark and the University College Ghent, in English and distributed all over the world in specialized art bookstores and museum shops.

Publisher: vzw Mark (A Prior Magazine) and School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium

A Prior Magazine is supported by: The Ministry of the Flemish Community; School of Arts Ghent, City of Ghent