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Bait al Karama, BAK Reader

Bait al Karama, BAK Reader


See the BAK Reader, please use the corners to browse through!

The first webproject on A Prior's new site is BAK reader issue nr. one 2011. Bait Al Karama, the first women's centre at the heart of the old city of Nablus and its first Slow Food Convivium. Initiated by artist Beatrice Catanzaro (Italy) in collaboration with cultural manager Cristiana Bottigella and a local NGO, the Nablus Old City Charity. The centre is under construction and will be run entirely by the disadvantaged women from the Old City. Bait Al Karama aspires to combine a culinary social enterprise with catalyzing national and international art and cultural activities. The web contribution, designed by Niklas Fagerholm (Sweden), takes the form of a series of readers to be published on aprior.org every 2 to 3 months and takes the reader on a visual journey behind the scenes of the Old City of Nablus.

BAK Reader is a meta-narration that attempts to trace the connections between our journey with the project Bait al KARAMA, the city of Nablus and Palestine in general.
The Reader is a place where our poetic look and direct experience is unfolding.
Along the path of a long process-based project, an infinitive number of details, of possibilities, of thoughts, are naturally destined to be surpassed and left aside. Each sidewalk can initiate a potential chain of analogies and poetical associations of forms and meanings.
With BAK Reader we commit to a periodic activity of drifting into the unexplored directions that we encounter as Bait al KARAMA is taking shape. By letting elements guide us through a web of open associations and visual suggestions, our attempt is to weave together miscellaneous threads into a canvas of other narratives and poetical possibilities.
Finally BAK Reader is a creative tool for us to endure a vivid gaze into the overwhelming milieu of Nablus and beyond.

See the BAK Reader, please use the bottom right and left corners to browse through!

Or download the pdf-version here: BAK_Reader_w.pdf