A Good Drug Dealer

A Prior #22 / Artur Zmijewski, Galit Eilat

© The Digital Art Lab, Holon

Artur Żmijewski I’m interested in defining the status quo in which we live. You worked as the director of the Digital Art Lab in Holon. Still, you decided to leave Israel because you felt fed up with the country’s policy, occupation, cruelty, and the passive attitude of the Israelis. But Israel is not the only country which wages war. You said that there’s also an ongoing war in Europe, though an invisible one. But first I’d like to ask about the activity of the left in Israel.

Galit Eilat Not long ago, Gate 48, a group of Israelis living in the Netherlands, organized an open meeting in Amsterdam, trying to articulate the current situation in Israel and bring it to Europe’s attention. Dov Khanin, a member of the Knesset from the Hadash communist party, said: “On the night of the attack on Gaza we were able to go out into the streets and protest against the attack”—which was to serve as a proof of the existence of democracy…