Does Anyone Remember Unni Gjertsen?

A Prior #22 /

© Unni Gjertsen, 1st page of Diary, Seven Days in Jerusalem, project for A Prior #22 2011

By Lisa Torell

The Mai Zetterling Project
Beyond Oxiana
Diary – Five Days in Jerusalem

Large white rolls of film hung across the hall in a brilliant arrangement, the audience was forced to confront projected film and printed messages, such as: Mai Zetterling’s political influence is gigantic; Many streets and public places are named after Mai Zetterling; The Mai Zetterling Award is the most prestigious film award in Sweden; Sweden’s most celebrated film director is called Mai Zetterling. The design was concrete and freed up space and movement, the hanging and installation conceptual.

Do you remember Unni Gjertsen’s exhibition of The Mai Zetterling Project at Konsthall C in Stockholm six years ago, the one that Niklas Östholm curated? No, you don’t, because you weren’t there. Very few people attended and saw the complete piece. Institution, exhibitor or exhibit had yet to be endowed with the value or…