Editorial #09

A Prior #09 / Els Roelandt

© Goele De Bruyn, Untitled (two beds), 1999-2000 (detail) in: A Prior 09, 2004

Editorial A Prior #09

After more than a year’s absence A Prior Magazine is making its return to the art scene. Though this is wonderful news, it does come with some sad feelings as well: unprecedented effort has gone into rekindling the magazine, by a substantial part of the Belgian artistic scene. I am referring to the benefit sale, set up in 2003 in Muhka in support of A Prior, to which an exceptional host of artists and curators lent their much-appreciated assistance. The benefit attracted a great deal of interest and it became a huge success. This success, however, was largely carried by the contributions from artists, who volunteered to throw in their full creative weight. Nevertheless, this effort might be in vain, if A Prior Magazine cannot obtain structural support from the Flemish government. Despite repeated attempts by the magazine and the generous support from the domain, structural support has been withheld, which means A Prior Magazine’s existence is still…