Editorial A Prior #16

A Prior #16 / Andrea Wiarda, Monica Szewczyk

© Anouk De Clercq

It may be said that any issue of A Prior involves intense collaboration and somehow practically engages with the idea. One thing that defines A Prior from other publications is the team’s interest in defining content, not at an arm’s length distance from the artists featured (a ‘critical distance’ that has perhaps traditionally been thought of as a requirement of good journalism), but in close collaboration with them. The artists’ projects involve a degree of give-and-take, often requiring the editorial team to trust and give substantial control to the artist, but also to encourage artists’ treatment of these pages as a true work/exhibition space, which may open new perspectives on their practice/praxis. Essays are also often understood as an extension of intense dialogue and further generate a sense of ‘critical proximity’ if you will. We are working together with a web designer to re-vamp the a prior site to be able to show the thinking,…