Editorial: Picasso in Palestine

A Prior #22 / Els Roelandt

© Cover A Prior #22

In 1948, three months after the declaration of the state of Israel, Pablo Picasso visited the Intellectual Congress in Wroclaw, Poland. It was a congress organised soon after the Second World War in a time in which Wroclaw was still recovering from being German. After the Second World War, Wroclaw became Polish again as if for the first time, the communist party organised this Congress in a celebration of the triumph over the Nazis and the establishment of a new kind of Polishness. At this conference, which was the first one in a series of many, Picasso drew his Peace Dove. Every other conference after this, claimed that the dove was drawn there, but in fact Picasso had used it already for some time as a symbol that he marketed within the communist party, reinterpreting it from the divine understanding of saving an individual soul in a Christian way, to saving a community in the best of Communist tradition. Today, we know the peace dove, specifically promoted by Picasso, as a universal…