Ger Van Elk

A Prior #11 /


Even though Ger van Elk could be considered an established artist, both nationally as internationally, he continuously reviews and reconsiders his own work, his personal, trivial, observations as well as art historical developments. This is exactly what makes his older work is so interesting to (re-)view today. In his new series of flatscreens he gives us his view on the possible workings of the history of art in contemporary artistic practice. In sculptures, painted-on photographs, installations, slide projections and film works produced since the 1960s, he makes unexpected connections between the trivial and the elevated, the serious and the absurd, history and personal experience. Looking at contradictions of whatever kind is the motor behind his work. Jacinto Lageira and Carel Blotkamp analyse his oeuvre from different art historical perspectives. Where Lageira considers his oeuvre also in terms of a poetics of the trivial (referring to Van Elk who considers making an art work as a…