I can’t just be a machine

A Prior #16 /

© Anouk De Clercq, Motion for Stockhausen, 2000 (in A Prior #16)

On the work of Anouk De Clercq

Black and white images, abstracted and minimalist visuals, precise and thorough soundscapes. Self-contained units that carefully express and confess to a personal universe, that explore tenta-tively and figuratively a world that relates to itself rather than to the world outside. At first glance, the work of Belgian artist Anouk de Clercq (b. 1971) seems contained, relatively easy to describe and capture. However, throughout its various appearances, this work gives evidence of a complex and changing navigation of technological developments. Most obvious is her creative use of tools for recording and processing information: from Super 8 mm film and analogue video through recording and editing software for sampling and remixing found footage to digital de-sign tools for creating and altering image and sound. In experiencing her work, we notice how technology is not only the means towards a goal but often also the subject of her work.…