Occupational Hazard of Modern Art and Museums

A Prior #22 / Khaled Hourani, Rasha Salti

© International Red Cross Transfer Hezbollah and Palestinian Fighters (July15, 2008, photo by HO/Getty Images Europe)

Picasso in Palestine: A Transcript of a Conversation with the Artist and its Afterthoughts

Rasha Salti (with Khaled Hourani)

The Anecdote at the Origin
The group of visitors was being given a painstakingly thorough insider tour of the Van Abbemuseum that included the restoration ateliers, storage facility and crate-making workshop; painstaking for Khaled Hourani, artist and director of the International Academy of Art Palestine in Ramallah, to whom museums are structures ultimately embodying state sovereignty and self-determination, a tirelessly postponed ambition of and promise by the Palestinian National Authority—but that’s a whole other story. It’s not that Hourani was disinterested, quite the contrary, but he is prone to allowing his mind to run astray, and has a strong proclivity for finding inspiration from what seems to the rest of the world as a mundane convention or basic principle for organising…