Reading as a Form of Writing

A Prior #10 / Dirk Lauwaert

© Ana Torfs, Du mentir-faux (2000) installation view

On the Texts in the Work of Ana Torfs

The Last Variation
Are they images or are they texts? Should we be looking or should we be reading? There are images here: photographs, slides, film, video. She likes to show things. But there is always also text. The text is not subordinate to the image, but not really above it, either. I am looking for the right preposition: alongside the image, opposite the image?
How do you label a text that is placed there, adjacent to the image? Is it written (then Ana Torfs is a writer), quoted (this would make her a copyist), is it read (that makes her a reader), is it deciphered (then Ana Torfs is a student), or read aloud (now she is a mentor). However this may be, she studies her texts. They are at once a source for a preliminary investigation and the material for a written document. Study becomes a literary form in its own right. Torfs does not put language at her service – which is what…