Anne Daems & Kenneth Andrew Mroczek

©Anne Daems & Kenneth Andrew Mroczek

23 Skidoo (A Prior #23-24) introduces the work of Anne Daems and Kenneth Andrew Mroczek who made the frontcover of this issue. Focusing on what happens when nothing happens, Anne Daems and Kenneth Andrew Mroczek travelled along the Thames in the Spring of 2012. They passed idealized images of English life, with their thatched cottages and village greens, their duck ponds and hedged fields; they saw the river as a source of day-dreams of Englishness. Like Joseph Conrad in the 19th century they also discovered the dark side of this fascinating river.
Today, along the bankside of the Thames stands Tate Modern, based in the former Bankside Power Station. These Associations (2012), made by Tino Sehgal for the Turbine Hall addresses the industrialisation that finds his origins in this river. Participants humm and whisper - almost chant - words like ‘electricity’ or ‘evolution’. With the conversations they have with visitors, they try to reconnect our souls.