ArtTerritories, 'There is no turning back from here' (Syria, 1967)
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ArtTerritories is conceived as an independent platform for artists, thinkers, researchers and curators to reflect on their art practice and engage in critical exchange on matters of art and visual culture in the Middle East and the Arab World. Initiated by Ursula Biemann and Shuruq Harb, the ArtTerritories website was officially launched in September 2010.

Project in A Prior #22 in collaboration with Basel Abbas, Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Nahed Awwad, Inass Yassin, entitled: Looking Back at Today

"Since A Prior extended an invitation to ArtTerritories last October much has happened
in the Arab World. The spirit of this new force rebelling against encrusted
regimes largely directed the discussions leading up to this collaborative photographic
work which grew out of a week-long artist workshop around family photographs. As a
group of six we quickly agreed that the project should express instances in Palestinian
family and social history that reflect the sense of hope and anticipation that currently
blows through the collective imaginary in the region. Reading and interpreting close
to a hundred photographs, it transpired that representations of mobility, connectivity
and a curiosity toward diverse cultural experiences were particularly prominent in
the sixties and eighties. That’s when most of the photographs of family trips to other
Arab cities and to overseas destinations were shot. And of course there are many stories
of migration and exile crossing through the family albums offering a variety of
outside views back onto a homeland that was in constant transformation. Depending
on whether a family migrated to Medina in Saudi Arabia or to the American suburbs
the photos and memories associated with them convey a radically different vision of
Palestine. The diasporic perspectives which proved to be everything but homogenous
gave cause for many lively and emotionally charged discussions during the workshop.
The result of this process is an extract of the visual world produced by the previous
generation and commented on from today’s perspective."


ArtTerritories, Looking straight at the camera it's almost as though you are anticipating...(Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunis 1989)
ArtTerritories, It was my decision to stay (Bir Nabala, Jerusalem 2011)


Cover A Prior #22

Editorial: Picasso in Palestine

The 22nd edition of A Prior Magazine is dedicated to Picasso in Palestine, an artistic project initiated by Palestinian artist Khaled Hourani (artistic director of the International Academy of Art Palestine) and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In June 2011, Pablo Picasso's iconic work Buste de Femme (1943, part of the Van Abbemuseum collection) undertook a journey from Eindhoven to Ramallah, where it was exhibited for three weeks. Preceding this border-crossing loan agreement were two years of extensive research and negotiations in the legal, artistic and administrative fields.
A Prior has made a critical, multifaceted report of the journey of Picasso’s Buste de Femme to Palestine and back, exposing relations between art, politics and geography along the way - thanks to contributions from more then 15 authors and artists- resulting in a unique 280 full-colour pages edition, brought to you in two languages: English and Arabic.

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International Red Cross Transfer Hezbollah and Palestinian Fighters (July15, 2008, photo by HO/Getty Images Europe)

Occupational Hazard of Modern Art and Museums

On the start, initial intentions, process, practical execution and implications of Picasso in Palestine, a project initiated by Palestinian artist, curator and critic, and Arts Director of the International Academy of Art Palestine, in Ramallah. Written by Rasha Salti

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Daniel Miller

The Cubist Queen

A poem by Daniel Miller.

Published as insert in fragments on translucent paper in A Prior #22: Picasso in Palestine

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