Beatrice Catanzaro

Born in Milan in 1975, Beatrice Catanzaro lives and works in Lisbon. Performs action and interventions of public art with a particular interest in the socio-political dynamics that characterize the evolution of contemporary society. Her projects show a common denominator: the deep sensitivity to social and urban issues, highlighted with humor and lightness through artistic practice. Beatrice interwoven stories, perceptions, meanings and places placing together realities sometimes distant and dissonant, with an emphasis on the contradictions and paradoxes of the different urban contexts and the way in which people relate.
Catanzaro is currently dedicating all her energy to a new project in Nablus, Palestine: Bait-al-KARAMA, the first women's centre in the heart of the old city of Nablus. The centre aspires to become a culinary social enterprise accompanied by art and cultural activities, run entirely by women. Beatrice Catanzaro collaborated with A Prior magazine to create a prior's first online art project.