Gabriel Lester

Gabriel Lester, Wishful Thinking (project for A Prior#21, 2011)

Amsterdam, 1972
lives and works in Amsterdam and Shanghai

Wishful Thinking [A Prior #21]

The following texts and images were inspired by a research into chance or luck as an
external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs. Certain personal events fueled an
explicit interest in theworkings of destiny and the dealings of fate. The fact that the goddess
Fortuna, or Lady Luck if you prefer, both represents fortune and misfortune has
inspired an exploration into subjects as diverse as the capricious nature of human
fate, rituals dedicated to influencing the course of destiny, superstition, self-deception,
delusion, gambling, synchronicity, fortune telling, omen, charms, coincidence andmagic
thinking. It was our joint intention to finds ways to mirror those subjects mentioned
and to create a surrounding constellation to my work, without describing any of the
research’s actual physical outcome—my art or films. The result is not somuch a selection
of texts and images that are consciously intertwined and connected, but rather
several branches that each grew from the same stem into different directions. Or to
put it in an other way, this section is an exercise in wishful thinking, where beliefs and
decisions aremade according to what is pleasing to imagine, instead of by appealing to
evidence, rationality or reality.
Gabriel Lester

GABRIEL LESTER (°1972) was born in Amsterdam where he works as artist and writer. Lester studied at the Film Department Hoge School Sint Lukas, Brussels. He was a resident at ISCP, New York, Iaspis Stockholm and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He participated in numerous solo- and group exhibitions ao Performa09 in New York and Kadist Art Foundation in Paris. Recently he participated in ‘Clifford Irving Show’ at Objectif (Antwerp) and has a solo exhibition ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Gabriel Lester is represented by Gallery Fons Welters in Amsterdam.