Yazid Anani

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Yazid Anani (°1975, Ramallah) is an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture and the Master Program in Urban Planning and Landscape – Birzeit University, Palestine. His work and research interests are inclined toward issues in colonial and post-colonial spaces as well as in themes on culture, neoliberalism, architecture and power. Yazid Anani chairs currently the Academic Council of the International Art Academy Palestine. He is part of several collectives, and projects such as Decolonizing Architecture & Ramallah Syndrome and has curated and co-curated several projects such as Palestinian Cities – Visual Contention and Ramallah – the fairest of them all? and took part in several art projects

He contributed Picasso - A Trivia with a Fortune-teller and an Architect to A Prior #22 Picasso in Palestine