Making Sense in the City

A Prior extra01Making Sense in the City


A Prior extra01 is the first issue outside of the regular publication series. A Prior x01 is dedicated entirely to the symposium Making Sense in the City: Culture, Community and Identity in an Urban World (17-20 December 2006).


Lisa Dikomitis, Chia Longman and An van. Dienderen

What to Make of Life When You Are an Urbanite
Religion or Secularisation: the Meaning of Life as a Modern Predicament

Rik Pinxten and Lisa Dikomitis

Generating a Contemporary Repertoire in the NTGent Civic Theatre – An Exercise in Defensibility
Jeroen Versteele and Koen Tachelet

Vasif Kortun

Hassan Darsi – artist’s project

Warmi Aymara in Altupata
Koen de Munter

Blowing Bubbles in the City
or Does Urban Governance Have a Bad Breath?

Karel Arnaut

Dredge Byung’chu Käng and Hoang Tan Nguyen
– artists’ project

Walking through the City: from Practice to Method
Andy Vandevyvere, Amélie Daems, Véronique Clette

From Working Citizen to Praying Christian,
Or Converted Visual Politics in Postcolonial Kinshasa

Katrien Pype

Aglaia Konrad – artist’s project

The Global ‘Shtetl’:
Strictly Orthodox Jewry in the Context of Urban (Post)modernity

Chia Longman and Kate Coleman

Making Sense of Diverse Collectivities in Contemporary Cities:
(Re) considering Cultural Identities, Citizenship and the Role of the Arts

Sandra Trienekens

Oda Projesi – artist’s project

Berlin: A Site of Danger and the Creation of Zones of Safety
Cassandra Ellerbe-Dueck

Firefly (Orla Barry, Wim Cuyvers, Els Dietvorst, Johanna Kirsch)
– artists’ project

New York City Street Vendors, a Fallen Historian, and the Rhodes Livingstone Institute:
Why Traditions of Making Sense Matter

Molly Hurley-Depret

People in Big Cities are Different from the ‘Others’. Are They less Happy?
Gunter Bombaerts, Benny Carlé, Catrinel Turcanu and Koen Vanaeken

Etienne Bruneel – artist’s project