New York Conversations

A Prior #18New York Conversations


Anton Vidokle

Nico Dockx

Rirkrit Tiravanija


On the occasion of the making of A Prior Magazine #18 and the opening of the new e-flux’ space, A Prior Magazine is happy to present The New York Conversations with Nico Dockx, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Anton Vidokle
Liam Gillick, Martha Rosler, Louwrien Wijers, Jan Verwoert, Miwon Kwon, Marti Peran, Sis Matthé, Egon Hanfstingl and A Prior editors Anders Kreuger, Dieter Roelstraete, Monika Szewczyk, Andrea Wiarda and Els Roelandt.

Daily food and conversation sessions 26-27-28 june
Hours: 1pm till 3 pm and 8pm till 10pm

Where: 41 Essex Street, NYC, NY 10002*
*This event is free but there is limited seating so please make your reservation by sending an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . (Please also state what day and hour you want to come, please only enlist for one session so to give others a chance to join too). A limited number of seats is available the days of the event.

The New York Conversations will be followed by the production of A Prior Magazine #18 and its festive presentation at Beursschouwburg Brussels (10-11 october 2008) . http://www.beursschouwburg.be

watch an extract here:

Participants and visitors are advised to respect the following rules*:

- It is necessary to listen to others if one wants to have their attention

- Above all things and upon all occasions, avoid speaking of yourself

- Being over confident and peremptory does very much unfit men for conversation

- Avoid too excessive pedantic or technical speech (like direct interrogation, the use of imperatives and short answers such as ‘Yes’ and above all ‘No’)

- Adapt your conversation to the people you are conversing with

- Honourable people must never use a low word in their speech

- Subjects to avoid for men: ‘hunting, hawking and the War of the Netherlands; for women: fashionable clothes and housewifery. In general avoid talking about one’s children, telling one’s dreams or boasting of one’s nobility or riches.

- It is a great fault to be too fond of keeping silent

- don’t talk when you eat, it makes people think you are not enjoying the food

- It is better to be a men of few words than a ciarlatore

- No one speaks to the king during his public meals unless he addresses him first

And ofcourse:
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof must one be silent

* see Peter Burke, The Art of Conversation in Early Modern Europe, 1993

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Monika Szewczyk, Anders Kreuger, Els Roelandt

Intermezzo Ten Statements on invitation

Day 1 : June 26 , 2008 : Lunch Session

Day 1 : June 26 , 2008 : Dinner Session

Day 2 : June 27 , 2008 : Lunch Session

Day 2 : June 27 , 2008 : Dinner Session

Day 3 : June 28 , 2008 : Lunch Session

Day 3 : June 28 , 2008 : Dinner Session

Intermezzo The New York Conversations:
Science is the past, Art is the present, Food is the future
Louwrien Wijers

Day 4 : October 10 , 2008 : Dinner Session

Intermezzo Democracy Cutey
Joe Scanlan

Day 5 : October 11 , 2008 : Lunch Session

Intermezzo Experience surplus and ways to make treasures
Marti Peran

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Nico Dockx, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Anton Vidokle

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