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A Prior Magazine is a contributor to this year’s [2007] documenta12 magazines project – an open source collaborative project between over 90 on- and off-line (art)publications. A Prior’s two issues of this year take their cue from the conceptual outlines of the documenta12 project. A Prior also took the occasion to extend its activities, exchange articles and organise seminars and educational sessions.

[APM#15_on Life]

A Monster of LochNess Feeling -Valérie Mannaerts
Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts presents a four-part series of new photographs: A Monster of Loch Ness Feeling yielding a vision of life in a bare, abstract form, but one that is rarely evident in contemporary theoretical discourse. In a contribution by Monika Szewczyk on Mannaerts work the question of bare life emerges as the object of ‘an experimental knowledge’. Further elaborations on Mannaerts work are contributed by Jeroen Boomgaard and Kersten Geers.

Bringing the War HomeMartha Rosler
Martha Rosler presents a verion of her series of images which powerfully rearticulates the kind of domestic, everyday, regular life in the context of (current) war(s). Accompanied by a conversation around the Martha Rosler Library between Martha Rosler, Dieter Roestraete and *Anton Vidokle*—shedding a different light on Rosler’s work as well as the critical universe that books construct.

Shipwreck and Workers—Version 3 for Kassel (2007) – Allan Sekula
Allan Sekula offers an in-dept (pre)view of his project for Documenta12, accompanied by an elaborate commentary on this new project, previous series and the broader context of Sekula’s work by Hilde Van Gelder. Asserting labour as a noble poetic and essential part of human life.


‘What’s the place of art in all this?’ A conversation with Maria Hlavajova by Andrea Wiarda; Rudi Laermans on COMMONism and other things we may not share…; Dirk Lauwaert discusses Wanda… Barbara Loden’s only feature film; Hito Steyerl elaborates on the uncertain status of documentary footage; Marius Babias reflects on the relations of ‘populism’, ‘public sphere’ and ‘terrorism’ in his text on Zones of Indifference.

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