On Paper I

A Prior #17On Paper I


Daniel Knorr

David Maljkovic

Kristina Norman


On Paper, a special collaborative project by A Prior Magazine and the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art

In collaboration with the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art, A Prior Magazine has developed a two-fold project entitled On Paper.
‘Zuhandenheit’ [ready-to-hand]—a Heideggerian term used to explore the meaning and functionality of objects in relation toman/human beings—is activated throughout On Paper by making readable objects available to the visitors of the biennale; and by creating a tangible echo of the biennale works on paper. This ‘Zuhandenheit’ is not only grounded in the form of the project, but also in the content of the first part of On Paper: A Prior #17.

The 17th issue of A Prior brings together four participants in the 5th Berlin Biennial, who all hail from what were often deemed ‘problem’ zones within the European geopolitical sphere of Eastern Europe—Croatia, Estonia, Romania. The research-based artistic practices of Zagreb-based Croatian artist David Maljkovic, Kristina Norman from Estonia, and the Berlin-based Romanian artist Daniel Knorr, share a number of nteresting characteristics (needless to say that they are also, thankfully, wildly divergent), but foremost among them is perhaps a shared readiness to attend to the fragmented testimony of history’s material traces in their respective old or newly adopted home countries.

Els Roelandt _ Dieter Roelstraete

David Maljkovic'

A Gathering, twice over
Charles Esche

Waiting Time
What, How and for Whom (WHW)

Daniel Knorr

Jörg Franzbecker with Martin Beck

Kristina Norman

Mihnea Mircan

Some histories and a brief reflection on the work of Kristina Norman
Andrea Wiarda


Kids, Migrants and the Truth of Our Society
Alexander Vaindorf and Boris Buden

Differentiated Neighborhoods of New Belgrade
Zoran Eric

Over and Over
Project by Katerina Šedá