Editorial: Picasso in Palestine
Remco de Blaaij and Els Roelandt

The Battle for Picasso’s Mind
Lynda Morris

Picasso in Palestine: A Diagram
Andrew Conio

Occupational Hazards of Modern Art and Museums
Rasha Salti and Khaled Hourani

An Ambitious Claim
Charles Esche

Picasso – A Trivia with a Fortune-teller and an Architect
Yazid Anani

Aesthetic Autocritique
A conversation between Renzo Martens and Eyal Weizman

A Good Drug Dealer
Artur Zmijewski in conversation with Galit Eilat

Doing Art Politically: What does it mean?
Thomas Hirschhorn

Stamp my Passport Please!
Younes Bouadi

Open Letter
Katia Reich

Rail Diary
Eric Gottesman and Toleen Touq

Artist’s Project
Sander Buyck

Between Martyr and Individual
Laurens Dhaenens

A Post-Territorial Museum
Interview with Beshara Doumani

Artist’s Project

Artist’s Project
Unni Gjertsen


Arabic Translations

inserts: The Cubist Queen
A Poem in Fragments by Daniel Miller